News: Dominos UK launch their Gluten Free Pizza today…yay or boo?

Hungry Coeliacs,

Today is a day that many of you have no doubt had marked in your diaries for a while (especially you students at the back!). The Dominos UK pizza was meant to launch on the 5th of November and the launch was pushed back until today, 19th November to ensure all training issues were ironed out before the launch.

Dominos announce the launch on their UK Facebook page

For Coeliac pizza lovers the good news is that from today Dominos UK new gluten free base (small size only, 6 slices) is available to order…

  • online
  • in person
  • or by phone

…from all of their 740+ Domino’s UK and Republic of Ireland stores. Wow. Pizza for the Coeliac masses – at last.

Cynical Coeliacs maybe muttering about fast food, fatty pizza and the danger of cross contamination at this point. To which Dominos Pizza UK have planned ahead. Their website lists the calorie count of each pizza (so no excuse for ordering the unhealthiest combo possible). Plus their site says,

The base has been accredited by Coeliac UK, the leading national charity dedicated to improving life for people with coeliac disease. Domino’s Pizza is the first major pizza delivery company to launch a Coeliac UK accredited gluten-free pizza.

Pah the cynical Coeliac says, ‘there’s bound to be cross contamination – I’m not ordering that pizza and taking a risk with my health’.

But Dominos Pizza UK have that concern covered as well as their website states each pizza comes pre-wrapped and isn’t made in house. And any flour in their kitchens is 100% cornmeal so won’t contaminate the GF pizza bases.

Each Dominos pizza team member will also make a base from start to finish and have been trained to wash their hands before preparing them and likewise to wash and use clean pizza cutters.

Dominos Pizza UK Gluten Free controls information

Ah well so what says the cynical Coeliac, ‘I bet we still have to pay through the nose for anything that is gluten free, it’s sure to be double the price of normal pizzas’. Well we thought that too, but no Dominos UK seem to have thought of that as well and their website confirms,

The gluten-free pizza is available at no extra cost.

So how do you order your gluten free pizza? After all it maybe a while since you last tried to do so!  Well we logged onto Dominos UK’s website but found it confusing to hunt down the gluten free pizza. The pizza ordering screen clearly had Vegetarian and Hot and Contains Gluten but had no obvious GF symbol. Instead there was just a tiny text box on the right hand side mentioning to select ‘customise’ to order the GF pizza.

We thought it was fairly ironic that GF wasn’t signposted more visibly on the website considering Dominos UK have worked with Coeliac UK to accredit the pizza as Gluten Free and have obviously tried to post up FAQs about contamination to allay any fears ahead of it’s launch.

Here’s our guide on how to order online: 

1) visit

2) Search the page and look for this blue ‘customise’ button

3) Choose your desired pizza (avoid any with beef, sausage, meatball toppings as these all contain gluten, so just consider yourself lucky that you’ll be ordering a lower fat pizza)

4) Click customise and select the GF base

Select Gluten Free base (GF pizzas only come in small size)

5) Remember to check you’ve selected GF base

6) Pay £10+ for your small pizza and remember not to share any of the 6 slices with anyone else

7) Put your favourite Gluten Free Beer in the fridge

8) Put your feet up and wait for the first fast food Gluten Free pizza you’ve had in a long time!

Your Views: 

Tell us what you think. Is this great news for Coeliacs? Or do you think it’s a backwards step and it encourages Coeliacs to eat unhealthy fast food?

PS when you order online, Georgina our resident reporter from Nottingham reminded us that you can save money and get 30% off their £30 online #deal. Use code TWEETEAT & order at




7 Responses to “News: Dominos UK launch their Gluten Free Pizza today…yay or boo?”
  1. Sarah says:

    Trying one tonight, hopefully it will be as good as I remember take away pizza being!

  2. Great Sarah, let us know what you think and whether you have any reaction to it. What flavour are you ordering?

  3. Emma says:

    I think this is brilliant, another step to making living gluten free more mainstream, and how nice to be able to join everyone else for an occasional takeaway pizza night!

  4. Thanks for making this review so practical – very helpful!

  5. Jbugman says:

    Just had one delivered, with a Texas BBQ topping. I am super sensitive gluten intolerhent and its been perfect.

    The base is better then pizzahut and it has a bit more “spring” in the dough where pizzahut is more of a crispbread

    Would definitely recommend and thank you for posting on your website how to order it, couldn’t figure it out for a while


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