Our Review: Domino’s Gluten Free pizza a hit or flop with students?

We asked our Geordie team of pizza loving Coeliac students to review the new Domino Gluten Free Pizza and this is their verdict…

Hello Coeliac in the City readers.

We’re hard working Newcastle students who have craved pizza for an eternity. And just like buses you wait for ages then 3 come along at once (you know – Prezzo, Zizzi, Pizza Hut) and then suddenly Domino’s.

Now as every student knows cooking is a faff. Especially when you’re slaving over essays you’ve been trying to avoid as you’ve been watching Hollyoaks and catching up with your mates at the student union instead. So when we heard that Domino’s were launching a GF pizza in the UK and Republic of Ireland we were very very excited! Newcastle is a big student City with Newcastle University, Northumbria University and Newcastle College all situated in a small area. So like all good students in the name of research we decided to get stuck in – avoid cooking dinner and opt for the easy fast food option order the NEW GF Dominos pizza instead.

Last night we ordered our favourite old style pizza toppings, pepperoni with black olives. We phoned our local brand and actually had to ask about the pizza 3 times before the phone guy decided to call over his Manager. Nil points for lack of knowledge and staff training that the new gluten free pizza existed!  When we spoke to the Manager she was very helpful and explained that the pizza bases come sealed up already to avoid contamination risks. She also told us to  avoid the meat toppings; sausage, meatballs and beef as they all contained gluten (obviously not much meat in the meat then eh?!). Good we thought. Although she was a little vague about whether they dipped their hands in the same toppings for both GF and normal pizzas we decided to try the pizza in the name of research.

We waited patiently. It arrived. We opened the box and voila!

Gluten Free Pizza from Domino's Heaton

And then we all soaked up the smell of gorgeous pizza that filled our house.

Now as you know by now the new GF pizza only comes in small so we fought over the 6 slices like all good Coeliac students would do. £10.95 well spent.

The pizza geek amongst us (you know like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory) wrote some notes as we tasted it…


  • Toppings are same old Dominos topping we remember pre-Coeliac Disease
  • Smelt delicious!
  • The Crust was good – almost like a normal pizza with some crunch on the crust ( 3/5  our score)
  • The toppings slide off the base (see our pick – looked like the toppings were thrown on..)
  • It all tasted very ‘sweet’ we prefer our pizzas savoury not sweet
  • The base was a bit hollow – some in group said ‘cardboardy’
The after effects: 
  • One of us bloated
  • One of us had a headache and fuzzy head
Were we glutened? Was the pizza too rich for us?  Not sure. As always with ordering from chains you take a risk. We were disappointed with the after effects and the overall quality especially as Coeliac UK has said they’ve worked with Domino’s for 3 years to get the gluten free pizza right. If we were tutoring Domino’s we’d say ‘should try harder’ !
 Staff training: OK – could be better (2/5)
  • Manager relatively clued up
  • Take away staff not clued up
Taste: Good – tasted like a real pizza (4/5)
  • Fatty pizza with a familiar bad but good feelgood factor
Value: OK – shame it’s so small and doesn’t qualify for their Tuesday offers (2/5)
  • Domino’s include the GF pizza in your offers!
Our verdict:  3 / 5 
  • Handy as a standby
  • Should try harder to avoid sloppy toppings and improve the base taste
  • A flop for students (small pizza at £10+ pricey, not many TV and Pizza nights in on that budget!)
  • Yet if you want to save your student pennies stick to DS’s Frozen Bonta d’Italia Pizza ( £2.68 available from Asda) – great taste, great price and you can add what topping you want safe in the knowledge that they’re truly gluten free

By Geordie Students: Niamh and Jessica 

PS let us know what you think?  Student flop or guilty pleasure?



18 Responses to “Our Review: Domino’s Gluten Free pizza a hit or flop with students?”
  1. Amy Halsall says:

    Thanks for a detailed review, I’d not tried the Domino’s GF pizza yet, but I felt Domino’s had slipped in quality some years ago (pre-diagnosis). I have tried the Pizza Hut square Gluten Free pizza and enjoyed it immensely. Would love to see a review of this too. Have to say I’ve never heard of the other 2 pizza places you mentioned, must not have them in Blackpool. =)

    • So true Amy, our quest for the perfect Gluten Free pizza is never done. We must review more ; ) Do try Prezzo and Zizzi’s. Both good pizza’s (Prezzo had a crispier base in our opinion). You could try popping over to Preston or Liverpool – perhaps local cities nearby will have more choice? Both their website will help you find your local branches.

  2. Hello to all students
    Any time you are visiting Edinburgh, I will be happy to provide a gluten free pizza made from a fresh dough using fresh yeast , veg oil, salt,and gum to makes easier to work with , and not contamination what’s ever , visit our website, thank you

  3. Toni Glitz says:

    I’ve had coeliacs for many years and was excited when I saw the major chains were introducing gluten-free options. I considered getting a take-away from Dominoes… until I saw the price. I wasn’t prepared to pay that amount for one small take-out pizza. It was cheaper for me to go out to Pizza Hut and get their version of the gluten-free pizza, which comes on a thin crispy base, with whatever toppings you want (the staff at my local Pizza Hut knew all about which toppings I should and shouldn’t have) and it comes with a free side salad – for less than £10!

    Nice try Dominoes. 10/10 for trying to get into the market but you will have to do much better if you want me to part with my pennies.

  4. debs says:

    hmmm all of the above confirm what my two coeliac children were concerned about. looks like they will NOT be ordering a dominos pizza after all :(

    • We have to say the Manager was helpful. As it’s early days maybe the staff training needs reinforcing? If you do try you could ask for fresh toppings (unopened) and visit them so you can watch it being made in person. Eating out is always risky for Coeliacs as so few companies really ‘get’ the cross contamination issues or take them seriously in our opinion. However, it’s great to see that over the last two years more and more companies are making an effort. We like to keep supporting our good local GF producers too as they are often the ones that were at the start of the gluten free choices.

  5. Sarah says:

    I ordered a dominos last night. Yes, the topping slipped off but it tasted amazing! I’m lucky, my branch were really clued up. I’m not coeliac but have a life threatening allergy to wheat and had no reaction. Pricey but it could become a monthly treat

  6. Sally Thompson says:

    Thank you for your excellent review. I have tried the Prezzo pizza, nice crispy base which was a treat, but i am not sure they really had any idea about gluten free and I think there was some cross contamination, as the next day I was not quite right! However it is good they are trying. In Eastbourne we have an Italian restaurant that makes Pizza from scratch for coeliacs and I have never been ill, so there are places, and also they charge the same price, which i have to say is not always the case.

  7. Lissa says:

    Good to see a review. I hope to try one soon, but will be checking on how clued up my local branch is first. I LOVE the ones that Bella Italia do (and have been doing for quite a while) – crispy and much more tasty than Pizza Hut. Keep up the reviewing!

  8. Steve says:

    First two were okay but the third (and last!) was not gluten free.

  9. Emma says:

    I ordered a GF pizza from my local Dominos (Whitladies Road, Bristol) last night and was very dissatisfied. The 1st delivery wasn’t even GF! Luckily I thought it looked too good to be true and phoned them up to double check my order. It was not GF. They sent me another one, although it was enjoyable I am now suffering with a fuzzy head and terrible blood sugars – I’m diabetic (and these are typical reactions to gluten for me).

    • That’s very worrying Emma. We didn’t feel that great after ours either. There’s bound to be some contamination issues as it’s still early days in their roll out of this. We hope you’ve reported it to the Domino’s Store Manager so they can investigate for you and put right any contamination issues. A poor newbie may have easily eaten the first pizza you had delivered that was the gluten one by mistake. Very worrying!!

  10. karen says:

    I was ill after mine :-(

  11. lisa says:

    My son who was recently diagnosed as having ibs caused by wheat intolerance had a dominos gf pizza and had bad symptoms the next day. i was also disappointed when reading the menu thet every single other item contained wheat. surely it cant be too difficult to come up with a wf dip, side or dessert?

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