News: Cafe Nero launches Gluten Free Roll by Genius!

Just in case you missed this good news we thought we’d do a short mention about the launch of a new gluten free roll this week! After all it is Coeliac Awareness week and although we might not be able to get more people to get tested for Coeliac Disease with just a week of awareness raising, we can certainly help promote the companies that are doing their bit to make life a bit easier for Coeliacs and those with gluten sensitivity.

In a nutshell…

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Genius Foods & Nero’s have partnered to launch a chicken, pesto, sunblush tomato mayo and salad gluten free roll
  • It uses Genius’s yummy seeded roll
  • Even better it will be available in 600 Nero stores (excluded the small Express Nero’s)
  • Which means travelling & eating gluten free at airports & train stations just got a hell of a lot easier fellow Coeliacs!
  • It costs £3.50 for a take-away and £3.60 to eat in (which isn’t cheap we know but is in line what Starbucks & other places fees for GF sandwiches)
To celebrate the launch Genius have a few competitions on the go where you can win some Cafe Nero Gift cards. If you’re feeling lucky and want to enter then just click here to discover more!
If you’re keen to locate where your nearest Cafe Nero is so you can dash their and try the new gluten free roll then click just click here.

Genius say,

We all know that eating gluten free while on the go can be a challenge and that we are delighted to announce that we are now partnering with high-street coffee chain Caffè Nero.

Your thoughts…

Have you hunted down the new roll and tried it?  What do you think?

Did you read our blog about the new Gluten Free Starbucks’ roll?  If not you can catch it here. Have you tried both Neros’ & Starbucks’ new GF rolls? Which do you think is the best & why?

Do you wish there was a dairy free option as well?  If so remember to Tweet and Facebook Cafe Nero or email them at so they expand the options!

EDIT: post blog note…

We know that some of you are unhappy about the price of the rolls. Remember Genius do not control this so it’s best to contact Nero’s directly if you’d like them to provide better value for money.



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