News: Coeliac Hipsters rejoice, Nordic Bakery sells Fria !

Fria’s PR team contacted us recently to let us know the good news that the trendy Nordic bakery in London is now selling Fria’s chocolate muffins and using their bread for sandwiches. Pretty surprising as they’re well know for their selection of gluten snacks from dark rye to cinnamon buns.

Yet it seems that us Coeliacs got lucky,  because some of the Nordic Bakery staff are themselves gluten intolerant, which have prompted them to stock some gluten free Fria options. This shows as they’ve made a better effort than most cafes to reduce the cross contamination risk with their normal gluten products. For example the gluten free and dairy free muffins were carefully separated in a separate serving dish and are served using separate utensils.

[Fria GF Muffins tucked away under a dome dish]

And the sandwiches using Fria’s bread were already pre-wrapped,  so there’s no need to worry about rougue crumbs from their gluten buddies in the same display case.

[Spot the GF sandwich!]

The bad news is that the prices are high. But if you’re a fan of the Nordic Bakery you probably already know this. After all it’s a hub for trendy hipsters and you’ll spy many a fan of Apple in here vs your high street Starbucks.  So what’s the damage likely to be for a quick on-the-go sandwich? £4 plus when we visited and bought the Brie and Lingonberry jam sandwich (below), and that’s for a small sandwich. And £2.49 for the dairy free and gluten free Fria chocolate muffin.

[What we tried, GF Lingonberry & Brie Fria sandwich minus our bite of it
& GF, DF Chocolate Fria muffin]

Whilst we loved the sandwich as it tasted great, it was very pricey – even for London. On the other hand if you’re in a rush and need to grab lunch at least there is some choice, albeit for a price.

However, with Cafe Nero’s and Starbuck’s all launching gluten free options would this option tempt you?  Or are you a die-hard Fria fan, would you travel for hours to be able to grab a ready made Fria sandwich?  Do you think that this is a good move whether you can afford it or not? Do you think it will push the other high street chains to offer more choice for lunch options for Coeliacs?

Want to know more?
Nordic Bakery have branches located in Soho,  Marylebone and Dorset Street and all 3 will be selling the Fria Gluten Free & Dairy Free Muffins and sandwiches made with Fria’s Limpan bread:

  • Golden Square, London
    14a Golden Square
    Soho, London W1F 9JG
  • New Cavendish Street, London
    37b New Cavendish Street
    Marylebone, London W1G 8JR
  • Dorset Street, London
    48 Dorset Street
    London W1U 7NE
  • Opening hours vary so view on their website below
  • Visit their website here 

And if you can’t afford Hipster London prices for Fria on the go then don’t forget you can order Fria online from GoodnessDirect. Just click here. Fria’s gluten free frozen products can also be snapped up at TotallySwedish shops in London & Barnes or ordered on from them online here. Plus you’ll also find them in a number of independent stores listed here.

Finally if you’re a Coeliac who can’t tolerate Codex Wheat starch then ask staff before ordering, as Fria’s products use this de-glutenised ingredient.  It’s normally fine for Coeliacs as it’s processed to be less than 20ppm and so classified as gluten free, but if you have a Wheat Allergy instead of Coeliac Disease it won’t be suitable for you.


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