Great British Bake Off fans check out this new Gluten Free Baking app!

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We’ve been a bit delayed from blogging from holidays, the start of Uni, new jobs and running around each weekend checking out University Open days. But that’s a whole other story…

We saw some buzz on Twitter about a new baking app called ‘Cook & Bake Gluten Free’. As we’re big fans of all ‘food porn’ shows from MasterChef to The Great British Bake Off we had to check it out. The app is created by Swedish baking gurus Maria Blohm and Jessica Frej and published as an interactive cookbook app for iPad and iPhone, plus it’s available in Swedish and English, (with measurements designed for both the European and the American market). Finally some recipes with both Metric and Imperial measurements!

Gluten Free Cheesecake

Sadly the app is only for iOS so half the team here had great fun reading it whilst the other half muttered lots of things about Android overtaking iOS and how developers are missing a trick not catering for it.  After we had shared our iOS devices with the team we all agreed that this app stood out against the competition. You may have noticed that until a few years ago all the Gluten Free / Coeliac apps on iOS or Android platforms were generally American and well – not very good. Often the graphics were poor and they just had lists of what to avoid. Fast forward to 2013 and there’s a whole lot more choice from new apps like Gluugle to Coeliac Map UK  

What makes Cook & Bake Gluten Free worth downloading?

We felt what set this app apart from the others in the gluten free category was:

  • Fantastic photography – which really inspires you bake
  • Swedish recipes – which you can wow your friends with instead of the usual scones, cupcakes and brownies that so many other apps and cook books focus on. You’ll love the Swedish cakes from the quirky Swedish Princess Cake, to classics such as Cheesecake, Rainbow Cake, Pavlova, Red Velvet Cake, Spicy Carrot Cake, Apple Pie and Devil’s Food Cake.
  • Unusual flours – it is always hard baking gluten free as you have to learn to adapt to mixing gluten free flours. This app throws in some unusual flours which we’d not come across before but which we’ve had fun locating in the UK. We’re sure they’ll also add to greater range of texture and taste in gluten free baking
  • Measurements - in Metric & Imperial
  • Focus – instead of trying to be the best gluten free cookbook in app form they’ve focussed on attention to detail & care with 20 delicious cake recipes. An example of ‘less is more’. 
  • Video – rather like Jamie Oliver’s great cooking app a few years ago Cook & Bake also includes some handy short videos e.g. advice on how to create cake decorations. They’ve also been clever and made these voice activated so once you’re covered in gluten free flour and egg you won’t get your iPad dirty as well
  • Price – although the app isn’t free, at £1.49 it’s reasonably priced especially given the video & photographic content
Key Features
For the app geeks amongst you here’s the key features of the app:
  • Designed for iPhone & iPad
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or later
  • Voice controlled cook mode (step by step) in iPad version)
  • High res photos 
  • Units in both UK & USA as we mentioned earlier
  • It’s in English & Swedish!
  • There’s an adjustable shopping list 
  • You can share a cake recipe with your friends
  • All the recipes can be easily adapted to lactose free 
The two bakers who created this app really seem to know their stuff. They’re big in Sweden with the app being nominated for the Swedish Design Awards and it’s also topped the Swedish charts for downloaded cookbook apps in the App Store Chart in the Food and Beverage category.  

Now this is what a Devil's Food Cake looks like!

Even more refreshing they don’t appear to have jumped on the ‘gluten free bandwagon’ as a way to make some quick cash. They really seem to know about gluten free flours,
Baker Maria Blohm says, 

“Our common passion is perfection in both taste and technique and our secret is that we work without wheat flour or wheat starch which makes our recipes naturally gluten-free”.

And Baker Jessica Frej adds,

“The fact is, it’s often better to bake cakes with gluten-free flour instead of traditional wheat flour and the recipes in Cook & Bake Gluten Free speak for themselves as the cakes have a better taste and perfect texture and they’re naturally gluten-free.”

Other points

If we had to find fault with the app we’d say that whilst it’s great to see new gluten free flours to use some of the names confused us and we had to hunt a lot online to find alternatives here in the UK. When the developers update the app we’d love to see this kind of information of UK stockists added to the app. Especially as it can be very confusing for newbie Coeliacs to get to grips with new gluten free names let alone unusual flours not normally available in high street supermarkets i.e Corn Meal & Psyllium Husk. Saying that, as most Coeliacs know – online shopping and health food shops soon become your friend to buy all the full range of gluten free store cupboard staples you need. So we’re sure that keen bakers won’t be too put off by this.

We’d also like to see an Android version. With so many people worldwide using this operating system and the launch of the new Nexus 7 tablet by Google being such a success it’s a shame they’ve not run with the app on both platforms. 

Discover more

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Of course don’t take our word for it. The proof is of course in the pudding and we’ll be rolling up our sleeves to bake some of these recipes over the next month. If you want to try your hand as well then you can find out more about the app and the bakers at:
Apple App store: download here cost £1.49 in the UK ($1.99 in the US)

Follow them on social media on Facebook here & Twitter here or Pinterest.

And of course if you try the recipes drop us a line & we’ll post up a selection of the cakes you make! 



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