About Us

We’re a bunch of Coeliacs (Niamh, Jessica, Mick, Niall, Fiona, Irene, Ian, Louise plus more) who are fed up with the mainstream Free From foods which often focus on cake. What we wanted was healthy tasty and filling gluten free food. We soon discovered that trying to find that on the go was nearly impossible. Marooned on a long train journey with no gluten free snacks we simmered with frustration. Why is living gluten free so hard. Booking a holiday break was even worse – what would the catering be like? Would they understand how to avoid cross contamination?  After many tedious hours trawling the net before holidays and weekend breaks or days out for safe places to eat gluten free we realised there had to be a better way. We thought wouldn’t it be great if all the other coeliacs in the same situation shared their tips on the best places to eat, sleep and play gluten free?  Then we’d all find it a synch to discover great gluten free food and drink no matter where we were in the UK. So we decided to create the kind of site that would have helped us heaps after our Coeliac diagnosis. We hope you like it and that you’ll take part in sharing your favourite gluten free gems.
Our aim is for this site to involve all Coeliacs and their friends. We’d love you to send in your reviews, recipes and blogs and make this the kind of site you’d love. We met Gluten Free Guerrillas along the journey and they were kind enough to lend some of their team to support us.  So consider this site your Coeliac hub for hints, tips & reviews for Coeliacs by Coeliacs. Look around the site for information on the best cities to ‘eat, sleep and play’ gluten free. Whether you’re a local to an area or just visiting –  there should be something for everybody.
Contact us if you’d like to contribute to the site. We’d love to hear from Gluten Free Bloggers and Small businesses providing gluten free food. Let’s making living gluten free simple.