Here’s a selection of our favourite bloggers from the UK and beyond.  Contact us if you’d like to have your blog featured here or think we’ve missed off a great city blogger.


  • Gluten Free Guerrillas
    Blog on Coeliac life, food, reviews & campaigns. Also features guest posts by Dr. Rodney Ford
  • Gluten Free Mrs D
    Sian’s eclectic blog includes gluten free products & restaurant reviews with a slice of travel in both the UK & overseas
  • Gluten Free Foodie
    Great blog for unusual restaurant reviews by Caz ‘For those who hate restaurants where there is “flour in the sauce”. Searching for the best gluten free dining experiences in London and beyond’
  • The Anonymous Widower
    A Coeliac male blog with a difference which focuses on life since the loss of his wife and youngest child plus ‘travel, football, horses, food, dogs, computers and family’. A smart and inspiring read about life and life gluten free
  • Wheat Surrender
    A wheat intolerance blog packed with restaurant information, recipes & a map of GF restaurants in Leeds
  • A sensitive flower
    Hails from Leeds, Coeliac and Dairy free food blogger
Devon & Cornwall
  • Gluten Free Blogger
    A gluten free blogger with Thyroid Disease. Recipes, products reviews & eating out tips

Edinburgh, Scotland

  • GFree-Ed
    Robert blogs about gluten-free eating in Edinburgh and surrounds
Cardiff, Wales
  • The Cardiff Coeliac
    Although no longer updated this is still a useful site for any Coeliac visitors or students moving to Cardiff as it features the best places to eat out and buy gluten free food




  • GlutenShmooten
    The amazing thing about this site  is it ‘was born as a result of many long and frustrating hours googling “gluten free restaurant melbourne” when trying to organise a breakfast, lunch or dinner with one of my closest friends who is coeliac.’  It’s a gem packed with gluten free in Melbourne info on – restaurants, cafes, eateries, with a few recipes thrown in!


  • Gluten Free Day
    Finnish blogger with GF recipes plus egg-free, soy-free & dairy-free. Pictures & recipes to make you drawl all by Emilia


    • Glutenfreiheit 
      A funky German website & blog by Kati & Jörg focused on Coeliac Disease information, news, reviews & blogs
  • Gluten Free Kiwi
    A Kiwi blogger focusing on GF weight issues, recipes, travel reviews and ‘trying to find things to eat overseas’ plus

San Francisco

  • Gluten Free Gluttons
    A friendly ‘go-to resource for gluten-free living outside the home’. Connects you to local restaurants, bakeries, bars & grocery stores with gluten-free options

New York

Los Angeles


  • Gluten Free Globetrotter
    A must follow blog for any Coeliac travel lovers. Packed with tips and reviews of the best gluten free places by Erin
  • Celiac Travel
    Must follow travel site #2!  Download the Celiac travel cards to make eating out at home or abroad a breeze. A great way to make sure that your waiter understands your Coeliac needs. Also see our Apps section of our website for their Celiac App


  • Gluten Free Girl
    If you only follow one Gluten Free recipe blog make it this one. Shauna and the Chef never fail to inspire!
  • Gluten Free Goddess
    A must read. Each week Karina shares gluten free recipes with fresh ingredients and gorgeous pictures!
  • Gluten Free Savvy
    A funky recipe blog. Faydra brings you American Coeliac  recipes & resources
  • Simply Gluten Free
    Beautiful pictures & gluten free recipes from America
  • Recettes de Cuisine Simple
    A French site packed with Gluten Free & Dairy Free recipes
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