Our favourite gluten free friends, gurus and groups. If you’ve just been diagnosed fear not – there is a very active friendly gluten free community and you’ll soon find living gluten free second nature. Here’s a round up of our favourite sites to get you up and running. Check out our other pages for our favourite bloggers, apps and videos too.

Coeliac Societies

Discover more Coeliac societies worldwide click here.

Coeliac support websites
  • Coeliac (Celiac) Kids
    Reviews, offers & gluten free tips for parents with Coeliac kids
  • Celiac Teen
    Life as a Coeliac can be hard. As a teen it can be even harder. Seek inspiration from this American teen blogger Lauren
  • Gluten Free Guerrillas
    Gluten Free health, news, tips & campaigns for Coeliacs in the UK & beyond
Gluten Free Search Engine
Gluten Free Food & lifestyle advice
Other Support Charities 
  • Arthritis Research UK
    Funds high class research and campaigns to lead the fight against arthritis
  • Bowel Cancer UK 
    Raises awareness of bowel cancer, campaigning for best treatment, care & provides practical support & advice
  • Core
    Core UK funds research into the entire range of gut, liver, intestinal & bowel illnesses
  • Thyroid UK
    Raises awareness and supports people with Thyroid Disease in the UK
  • Proventus
    Provides information, awareness & support for people with Auto-Immune diseases
UK Supermarkets:

Here are links to many of the big UK supermarket chains. Ocado, Sainsbury’s and M&S offer great easy to spot Gluten Free labelling. Search ‘Free From’, ‘Gluten Free’ or ‘Coeliac’ or ‘Nutrition’ on their websites for their gluten free information as they often vary in how they classify gluten free products.

  • M&S
    UK High street chain supermarket. `Made without Wheat’ is their Gluten Free range within the main bread and cakes aisles.
  • Ocado
    Online supermarket. Good GF search returns.
  • Sainsbury’s
    UK High street supermarket. Good ‘Free From’ aisles.
  • Waitrose
    UK High street supermarket. Good selection of unusual and hard to find items like ‘coconut milk’ or ‘dairy free spread’.
Our Favourite Bloggers 
  • GlutenFreeGirl
    A gorgeous lifestyle and recipe blog packed with  inspirational images and recipes.  One of our favourites.
  • GlutenFreeBlogger
    Blogs about Coeliac & Thyroid disease life. Food reviews, travel & living in South West England.
  • Simply Gluten Free
    Author of the ‘Simply…Gluten-Free’  cookbook.
  • No Food, No Fun
    Are you Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free and Beef Free? Don’t worry this blogger covers all the Free From minefield.
  • Celiac Travel
    Includes Coeliac Travel translation cards to explain your gluten free needs abroad
  • Celiac Chicks
    A map of gluten free places across the world by Celiac Chicks