News: Coeliac Hipsters rejoice, Nordic Bakery sells Fria !

Fria’s PR team contacted us recently to let us know the good news that the trendy Nordic bakery in London is now selling Fria’s chocolate muffins and using their bread for sandwiches. Pretty surprising as they’re well know for their selection of gluten snacks from dark rye to cinnamon buns. Yet it seems that us Coeliacs got lucky,  because some of the Nordic Bakery staff are themselves gluten intolerant, which have prompted them... Read More

News: Fria now available in more UK shops!

Great news for our readers who love Fria gluten free food but don’t live in London and find it hard to get their hands on it. Now 40 more shops in the UK will now sell Fria food! If you’ve not heard of Fria before or spotted them at the Allergy & Free From show where they’re regular exhibitors here’s a little more about them. Fria is an award-winning, family owned bakery based in Sweden. Since it was established in 1996... Read More

Scandinavian Kitchen rocks!

Being a Coeliac can be exhausting. You spend hours trawling Twitter and Facebook for the latest news on the next great gluten free product that you can forget to spot what is staring you in the face. Literally. We’ve long zipped along the streets behind Warren Street and Goodge Street and somehow never spotted Scandinavian Kitchen nestled amongst the trendy coffee shops and cafes. How did we miss their big bold signage? Maybe it was the gluten... Read More