Review: Genius crumpets…Or are they?

  The lovely peeps at Genius sent us their new gluten free crumpets to try and we were very excited to try review them. Well we’ve tried these new crumpets and really..we can live without them. Back when ‘I could gluten’ I loved nothing more than making crumpet pizzas with my Aunt (thank you Delia!) or a Nutella crumpet treat. However, with Genius’ new creation – gluten free crumpets – I’m not so sure. Pre-toasting The... Read More

Newsflash: New Starbucks roll with Gluten Free Genius bread!

Do you remember a few years ago when Starbucks had a good range of Gluten Free sandwiches made with Genius bread. Then they disappeared. Then one or two reappeared and then they disappeared again? Well the good news is it looks like the range is back – this time it’s starting off in the form of a roll. But not just any roll. No it’s a gluten free seeded brown roll by Genius bread. Instead of some of the weird and wacky fillings... Read More

Our review: Genius Gluten Free Mince Pies – hit or flop?

We had just started to get a craving for some gluten free mince pies when we suddenly received an email from Genius’s PR team offering us a pack of their pies to taste. ‘Yes please!’ we said.  No sooner had we sent off our email accepting their kind offer than their pies arrived by courier a few hours later. Speedy service indeed. [Packaging] We put the kettle on for the team and eagerly opened the box of mince pies prepared to... Read More