News: Gluten Free Guerrillas Coeliac Chat today 4-5pm GMT!

Our pals at Gluten Free Guerrillas are launching their first ever Twitter Chat today under the #CoeliacChat hashtag today. We’ll be joining in and wanted to give them a plug on our blog in case you fancy joining in too. As a lot of focus during this Coeliac Awareness week has been on #GutFeeling and IBS people needing to get tested for Coeliac Disease. So  our pals have decided to focus on Coeliac life ‘Beyond the Gut’. They’ll... Read More

Bowled over by Brula Bistro!

When a good friend of Team Guerrillas dragged us to St. Margaret’s in Twickenham to visit a restaurant we thought, [this had better be good], as it’s not often ones such as us born North of the river Thames venture so far south!  Luckily it was easy to reach the restaurant by train (just 30 mins) from Waterloo. Wow. What a treat. Brula is a beautiful French bistro with fantastic service and gluten free food!  That’s right –... Read More