Review: Genius crumpets…Or are they?

  The lovely peeps at Genius sent us their new gluten free crumpets to try and we were very excited to try review them. Well we’ve tried these new crumpets and really..we can live without them. Back when ‘I could gluten’ I loved nothing more than making crumpet pizzas with my Aunt (thank you Delia!) or a Nutella crumpet treat. However, with Genius’ new creation – gluten free crumpets – I’m not so sure. Pre-toasting The... Read More

Great British Bake Off fans check out this new Gluten Free Baking app!

Hi Peeps, We’ve been a bit delayed from blogging from holidays, the start of Uni, new jobs and running around each weekend checking out University Open days. But that’s a whole other story… We saw some buzz on Twitter about a new baking app called ‘Cook & Bake Gluten Free’. As we’re big fans of all ‘food porn’ shows from MasterChef to The Great British Bake Off we had to check it out. The app is... Read More

News: Cafe Nero launches Gluten Free Roll by Genius!

Just in case you missed this good news we thought we’d do a short mention about the launch of a new gluten free roll this week! After all it is Coeliac Awareness week and although we might not be able to get more people to get tested for Coeliac Disease with just a week of awareness raising, we can certainly help promote the companies that are doing their bit to make life a bit easier for Coeliacs and those with gluten sensitivity. In a nutshell… Here’s... Read More

Pizza Express launches new Gluten Free Menu & Drinks!

How exciting is this? Following a trial a few months ago TODAY is the day that Pizza Express UK launch their first ever gluten free menu! We can’t wait to try it and report back in full. So here’s what you need to know… They’re providing a gluten free starter (risotto aprox £5) There is a yummy looking GF salad! And there’s plenty of selection for their new gluten free pizza Dessert choice is limited but at least we... Read More

Newsflash: New Starbucks roll with Gluten Free Genius bread!

Do you remember a few years ago when Starbucks had a good range of Gluten Free sandwiches made with Genius bread. Then they disappeared. Then one or two reappeared and then they disappeared again? Well the good news is it looks like the range is back – this time it’s starting off in the form of a roll. But not just any roll. No it’s a gluten free seeded brown roll by Genius bread. Instead of some of the weird and wacky fillings... Read More

News: Dominos UK launch their Gluten Free Pizza today…yay or boo?

Hungry Coeliacs, Today is a day that many of you have no doubt had marked in your diaries for a while (especially you students at the back!). The Dominos UK pizza was meant to launch on the 5th of November and the launch was pushed back until today, 19th November to ensure all training issues were ironed out before the launch. Dominos announce the launch on their UK Facebook page For Coeliac pizza lovers the good news is that from today Dominos UK new... Read More

Perfect Gluten Free Beers for BBQ Season…

Summer is coming (hopefully) so now is the time to start planning your perfect BBQ and stock up on great Gluten Free beers. Here is my round up of a few refreshing gluten free beers that will be a perfect partner to any BBQ. Just don’t let those ‘Gluten Gobblers’ get their hands on them ! Cornish Stingers Beer: Don’t let the green colour put you off this beer. It is a very refreshing drink – like cider –  light... Read More